Basic SPSS For Postgraduate Workshop Seminar Class

SPSS is the data analysis package of choice for people wanting to analyze quantitative data. However, most practitioners find dealing with quantitative data quite daunting. Although most practitioners are quite comfortable with qualitative research methods and analysis, they tend to shy away from using quantitative statistics. However, the ability to perform quantitative data analysis is increasingly

Caring for Mental Health: Post-Pandemic Covid-19

Welcome to our Webinar Series. This is Third series of the month. Please register to join our webinar. We hope you enjoy learning our content. On this episode, we are going to explore the idea of managing Mental Health crisis during Post-Pandemic Covid – 19 among students and lecturers. Let’s dive into the topics. Panelist:

TAWKS obesiti vape cukai gula obesity sugar tax

This video explain the argument about the obesity and other health related aspect. Happy watching. TAWKS obesiti vape cukai gula obesity sugar tax. The video was made to encourage the public in understanding the health issues relevant to the Malaysian context. The episode was brought using simple non-medical term, to ensure the public can fully

ILKKM Regional Conference on Medical and Allied Health Education

ILKKM Regional Conference on Medical and Allied Health is an assemblage of scientists, educators and research professionals in the field of medicine and allied health where the latest achievements and upcoming challenges are discussed. Institut Latihan Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (ILKKM) formerly known as College of Allied Health (KSKB) is a training center under Ministry of