About the Journal

This journal is a platform for scientific discussion among professionals work in ILKKM, Ministry of Health Malaysia and any interested parties to get their work published in international platform. The journal covers most of the medical and health sciences topics such as (but not limited to):

  • Subtopics: Medical/ Nursing
    • Anatomy and physiology
    • Medical/ Nursing Education and Research
    • Clinical Nursing
    • Psychiatric and Mental Health
    • Cancer & Oncology
    • Women Health, Pregnancy & Midwifery
    • Pediatric and Children Health
    • Dental
    • Advanced Practice in Medical and Global Perspectives
    • Hospital and Healthcare Management
  • Subtopics: Occupational Therapy
    • Ergonomics and Human Factor Engineering
    • Anthropometric and Healthy Design
    • Pediatric Therapy
  • Subtopics: Medical Imaging
    • Diagnostic Medical Imaging
    • Therapeutic Radiology
    • Medical Physics
    • Radiation Protection
  • Subtopics: Physiotherapy
    • Advancement in Physiotherapy Practice
    • Current Trend in Managing Obesity
    • Physiotherapy approaches in Paediatrics
    • Applied Ergonomic
    • Environmental Modifications in Geriatrics
    • Sports Rehabilitation
  • Subtopics: Pharmacy
    • Pharmacy Practice
    • Clinical Pharmacy
    • Pharmacoeconomics
    • Pharmacoepidemiology
    • Pharmacology & Toxicology
    • Nuclear and Industrial Pharmacy
    • Nutraceuticals and Cosmetics
    • Halal Pharmaceuticals
    • Medical Biotechnology and Biotherapeutics
    • Public, environmental and occupational health
    • Community Health
    • Psychology in healthcare and education
    • Trends, Technologies and Practices in Healthcare
    • Education in Healthcare
    • Social and Administrative Healthcare
    • Risk Management in Healthcare and Public Health
    • Ethics and Legislation in Healthcare and Public Health
    • Syariah Compliance in Healthcare



Objectives and Scope

ILKKM Journal of Medical and Health Sciences seeks to be the pre-eminent journal in the field of medical, biomedical and allied health education - training & professional practices for health care professionals, and publishes material of the highest quality, reflecting world wide or provocative issues and perspectives. The journal conduct rapid peer-review for the article evaluation submitted by the author/s. The journal welcomes high quality papers on all aspects of health professional education, allied health expert, professional, practitioners and private practices including (but not limited to);

  • undergraduate education
  • postgraduate training
  • advance diploma (postgraduate diploma)
  • continuing professional development
  • interprofessional education

Service for Authors:

  • High quality international/ national peer review 
  • Feedback on all papers submitted
  • Medium to high impact
  • Expert Editorial team
  • Online submissions from Jan 2018
  • Rapid turnaround of manuscripts - decisions on most papers within 8 - 12 weeks